Hello World

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by stickdraw stickdraw on 8/19/18

Hello World

Welcome to the new and improved StickDraw site

This is the first-ever entry.

You can follow StickDraw development blog here. We will be posting news and announcements in this blogs.

What is this, anyway?

This site will be a community for StickDraw animators where you can upload animations, view and comment other animations and many more! Many of you has been asking for something like this for years. This is long overdue because this is a big project to tackle.

Note that this site is not ready for public use. We're still testing and there lots of things need to happen before you can use this site


Because it's fun.

What about the Android app?

The next version of the StickDraw app is coming. In the next version, you will be able to upload animations, comment and rate other animations. The app will be fully integrated into the site.

That's it

Both the site and the app is undergoing a major surgery at this moment. Will update news in this blog. See ya!

Again, this site is not ready yet 😄