Privacy Policy

What we collect

Our apps do not collect any personal information. The Internet permission in our app is solely for advertising and application logic.
We do not transfer, gather, share or use any sensitive/private information. Email address is used to uniquely identified user in the system.
Upon registering, email address needs to be verified before user can use the app.

What's private and what's public



Google, Faceboook and Disqus Auth

Users can integrate their google account and facebook accounts without having to register in this app.
After user allows this app to integrate to their social accounts, their email addresses are saved in the system to identify the user.
Users can later decide to unlink their accounts
Disqus are the provider of commenting system. The app sends username and avatar information to Disqus as a Single-Sign on. The app does not send Disqus user's private information.


To collect revenue, we use multiple networks for advertisements: Google AdSense Amazon ads For our apps, these ad networks requires different permissions.
The most notable ones are: INTERNET and READPHONESTATUS.

We use cookie (in web app) to store user's session/login information to identify who's logging on to system
This cookie has an expiration date. Closing browser does not clear the cookie. Friendly reminder: always log off
This app uses Google Analytics to track the usage of this web sites. The information sent is anonymous. Permissions


Most of our apps requires the following permission due to requirements from our ad providers.

You can always send questions or concerns about privacy policy at stickdraw[at]

Security bug

Please report any security bug to us